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Hot Topic Haul

Okay so I’ve only ever done one other haul post (video) before, and it was from Universal Studios! I never realize the random things I buy from an amusement park. Do you buy random souvenirs from places?

Being my second haul-related post ever, what better place than Hot Topic? I love this store so much. They have the best random things! I’m constantly buying things from here. I think it’s my 16 year old self never wanting me to leave.

Hot Topic

The first thing I saw when I walked in was an array of bath and beauty items. Bath bombs, lotion, makeup all by the brand Blackheart. They had two adorable jars with a sparkle bath powder, one called Dragon Gold and Mermaid Scales. I wanted to bring out my inner mermaid, so of course I brought home Mermaid Scales. IMG_7710 copy.pngI haven’t used it yet, but it smells amazing! I can’t wait to use it. Let me know if you want a review on it!


Second I got this trio of chokers. I have been super into chokers recently and these were perfect. The material is super stretchy and they feel amazing. I can get overwhelmed sometimes wearing a choker all day. I wore this one literally all day the other day and it didn’t bother me once. IMG_7698.png


I have worn a ring in my nose for so long, I needed a change. My hoop was too tedious to take out for work, and I bent some so bad I couldn’t wear them any more. I needed to find studs to wear instead. I lost all of my previous ones. I also needed to get retainers for work. PICTURE I am always scared of L shaped nose rings because if they are made poorly they can have sharp ends.. The great thing about these are rounded at the end, and I’ve had no problem with them staying in  my nose.


What is your favorite thing to buy from Hot Topic?


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