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My Favorite Smoothie Recipe

Smoothies are literally my favorite thing right now. It’s like a creamy dessert, but it’s healthy! I make all of my smoothies vegan, so they are even more guilt free! I don’t measure anything, I literally toss the ingredients into my Nutribullet, and it always comes out delicious. On days I don’t add spinach, it comes out a beautiful  deep purple.

The frozen bananas make it so creamy. If I want more of an ice cream texture I’ll use two frozen bananas, but if I want to make it an actual smoothie, I’ll only use one banana. I have a new love for Acai berries, so I add acai berry juice to every smoothie. I don’t add any sugar or dairy to my smoothies, so the dates add the perfect sweetness.


– 1 or 2 Frozen bananas
– 3 frozen strawberries
– 2 or 3 Medjool dates
– 1 fresh kiwi
– 1 handful of blueberries
– 1 handful of spinach
– Zola acai berry juice (just enough to blend everything together)
– Splash of vanilla non-dairy milk (I use sweetened vanilla almond milk)
– Chia seeds or oats, depending what time of day I make this smoothie

If you make this smoothie, let me know how you like it!


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