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Camping Trip: Carters Lake

My wife and I recently took a vacation for our first wedding anniversary! She found this beautiful place in North Georgia, and we will definitely be going back soon. It is so worth the 7 hour road trip! Here are some pictures from out adventures! We haven’t been camping together yet, a first for us! It’s important to do new things together, which I discuss in a new post coming soon!


Sunday Morning we left for Atlanta to stay with my sister-in-law. We left for Carters Lake the next day. As you can see, we had one tired pooch already! The adventure is only beginning little puppy. The blue thing he is laying on is a cooling pad, there is a post coming about that later!












This was our campsite! I had this view from the hammock that my cousin lent me, she’s lucky if she gets it back. The first night was a night of relaxing, winding down from20228760_10154965836242462_3327353884228310884_n setting up camp. Neither of us had been camping since before we have been together, so it was fun to work together to make camp!


Just below us was the lake! Just a short walk away we had out very own beach! The beach was mostly shaded throughout the day, and because it was a little cove, it had a great breeze. Our campsite got some nice shade throughout the day, but we didn’t get much of a breeze. We both agreed to get a fan for the tent next time.








The only downside was the bathrooms were up this hill. We promised ourselves that would be active and not take the car up to the bathrooms. It wasn’t a long walk, but dang that hill got steep. We did a whole day and a half before taking the car up. Go us!



On Tuesday we went down the campsite Catherine originally wanted to get for us. We didn’t because neither of us had ever been here before, and your girl needed an electrical hook up. We will be going back soon and will be staying at this site instead. It’s a tent only site, and we won’t have neighbors with their pesky RV’s only 15 feet away. Snapchat-2090899700

Wednesday we ended up fishing in our wanna-be campsite. We were able to walk right into the water, which had better fishing opportunities than our current place. Catherine even caught a fish! Our hooks were too big for the fishies by the beaches, but boy they were interested.

We also tried fishing on this little ledge above the water right below our site, but I don’t think there was much there. The fish were much more active at our wannabe site.








We will definitely be going back. It might be later this year, it might be for our anniversary next year. We had an absolute blast and can’t wait to see what else Carters Lake has to offer!


I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment down below or send an e-mail!






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