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Garden Update #3

I haven’t been active since March, so let me update you on what went on with my garden!


I may not have been writing actively like I had hoped, but my garden went into full swing! I learned so many new things like sugar snap peas like to grow with friends and what I shouldn’t plant my carrots in ( I didn’t harvest any carrots… silly me.)

First lets talk about the things that worked out well!

My cherry tomatoes grew like wild fire, I had more than what I knew what to do with! The sugar snap peas grew the quickest, but more on that later.

My marigold and zinnias are enormous! I decided to let them grow how they wanted instead of pruning them, and they definitely grew UP. I was expecting the zinnias to stand at least 4 feet from their soil, but the marigolds did too!


The cilantro was a slow start, but once it developed a few of its adult leaves (which are oh so tasty) it grew faster than I could eat it. I plan on planting more in late August or early September, whenever it starts cooling off.

I have four apple sapplings! A few of them didn’t make it because we had some heavy rains and their container didn’t drain. The four remaining are holding up well! They are about a foot tall. I will be replanting them soon by themselves!


Things I Can Improve On

My regular tomatoes struggled a bit but that is because I didn’t thin them out early enough and four tomato plants became so entanged I had to let them grow together. They ended up giving me three tomatoes in total.

Carrots grown in a container need room to grow Stephanie need a deeper container. They ended up growing the leaves but the roots never took hold and they didn’t make it.

One thing I had trouble with was with my sugar snap peas. Two sprouts grew of the four that I planted, and they grew rapdily. However, the bottom of the stalk ended up dying and slowly took over the plant. I was only able to harvest ONE pea pod.

Much of what went wrong with my garden was a lack of time spent pruning. I did great for a few weeks, but due to work I was not able to get into the garden until it was already too hot. Luckily we had some May and June rains that helped me keep it watered, because everyone knows I suck at that.

I definitely needed to invest in some sort of mulch. My patio gets a fair amount of sunlight, even during the peak of the heat. Mulching would have helped tremendously.

I didn’t have many pests, just one instance of caterpillars on my tomatoes and apple saplings but between all the frogs, geckos, and baby lizards that come around, I didn’t have to do anything to protect my plants! #Florida

Upcoming Plans

I still have research to do but I want to have a fall/early winter crops. I know I can’t be out in the garden like I want to be until mid/late August. What are some of your favorites?

I would love to hear from you! Comment below or send me an email!


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