8 Facts About Me

I love learning facts about people! It’s like learning little quirky things about them that you don’t normally find out. Comment below a fact about you!

  1. I’ve never not had an pet in the house. The pets may have not have been mine every time, but there has always been an animal. I always feel weird if there isn’t an animal present, even if it was just some fish.
  2. My favorite color changes every couple of years. Currently it’s teal.
  3. I have a Youtube channel! I plan on participating in VEDA (video every day in April) this year which I am really excited for! It’s hard, but I love daily vlogging and I love watching daily vlogs. So, if you want to see me make a fool of myself, subscribe!
  4. I teach colorguard. For those who don’t know what colorguard is, it’s a very tight community of artists and dancers that perform with marching bands in the fall and perform in a gym during the winter, called Winterguard.  I have been involved in this sport since late 2003, and I haven’t looked back. Check out a few of my favorite shows, here, here, and here.
  5. I am bad at cooking, but I’m learning! I have a ton of recipes pinned on Pinterest and I want to make all of them.
  6. I have been vegetarian since January 2016 and have recently started a transition to veganism. I’m not perfect but the last couple of weeks I have made more of a conscious effort to have more vegan meals and drinks, and I feel great! How To Become Vegetarian
  7. I’m addicted to Snapchat. Sorry not sorry. Add me @thissocalgirl
  8. I have six tattoos. Two Disney tattoos, star cluster, killer whales, T-rex skull, and a 3 eyed cat.IMG_20161110_174825

What are some fun facts about you?


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