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Garden Update #2 Seedlings In The Garden

March is finally here! 2017 is in it’s third month, and I have some babies out in the garden! The seedlings were getting too big so I had to let them spread their not-so-little roots outside!

We had several warm days (80+ degrees!) so I felt like they would be fine, and the following night the temperature dropped to the low 40’s. Being a new gardener it worried me, but I came out the next morning and all of the plants were just fine. Does anyone else worry about their plants like this or it is just me?


But first, my little helper looking at whatever it is dogs look at.

The picture on the left is my cherry tomato plant, and it’s gotten huge! I can’t wait for it to start flowering, and producing little tomatoes! The tomatoes on the left haven’t seen much growth to them since you have seen them last, and I need to thin them out and give them their own space to grow.

The sugar snap peas have a little trellis to call home. I bought them a trellis made for orchids, and I will eventually have things for them to grow on behind them, but my plan is to grow them out and not up, if I can contain them (no pun intended). You can see the little vines they started producing!


On the left is cilantro that also needs to desperately be thinned out, and my lone sunflower on the right. It’s a slow grower, and the only one of four to even germinate. I’m going to have to give this baby a lot of love all season long, and I am totally okay with that.


Not going to lie, I forgot I had apple seeds in the fridge germinating. I opened up the napkin they were in and some seeds had a root about 2 inches long! I didn’t get pictures of them, but they have been planted! We are on apple sprout watch everybody!

Here we have the marigold and dwarf zinnia spouts! Marigold on the left, and zinnias on the right, both with some leaves on top of the soil I have yet to remove.



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