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Weekly Garden Update #1

Okay so it has only been a few days since I posted what I planted in my garden and how I prepped my garden containers, but I want to do weekly updates on Sundays, so here is the first update on my patio container garden!

As you know, I am growing mostly everything from seed. The only two things I bought as plants so far are the cherry tomato and basil. I never considered myself a greenthumb so the fact that anything is growing is shocking!


Here is an overview of the seedlings in my egg carton. You can see I have three sugar snap pea sprouts! There are four planted, and the other should come up tomorrow! Three of my four sunflower seeds have sprouted, and several of the carrots have sprouted! I haven’t seen anything from my lettuce or spinach yet. The two cups behind this carton have lemons and strawberries. Only one lemon seed has sprouted, with a slow start at that. I haven’t seen anything from the strawberries yet. The strawberry seeds are also seeds I got from work, so I’m not sure if they are viable. I am going to try one more method of growing them from seed before I go buy a plant. I just want some strawberries!


These two are doing wonderful! The paper cup has the tomato seeds I got from work, and the glass container has cilantro! They are both growing so lovely!  I’ve been putting everything outside during warm days. The past few days have been in the 70s!


This is the cherry tomato plant! It’s doubled in size since I got it, and it’s going to have to go outside pretty soon!

Two days ago I sowed lavender, marigold, and my dwarf zinnias outside. I would show pictures but it’s just soil, nothing interesting yet! But you can best believe I’ll be showing pictures of those as soon as they come up!

My apple seeds have also sprouted! I thought they were going to have another week or so, but I went to check on them two nights ago and they sprouted their roots! These are going to have to go into a container pretty soon!

Not sprouted yet:
– Any of my avocado pits. I took some more from work, I think the two I already have aren’t going anywhere.
– Strawberries
– Spinach
– Butter lettuce

Thank you for reading!

What kind of gardening things do you want to see from me? Let me know in the comments below, or shoot me an email!


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