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Seeds, Seeds, and More Seeds!

I will admit, I am very new to gardening. Growing up, my mom had a garden that took up a lot of space, but she was harvesting things out of it every day! I learned some gardening things then, but I’ve also been reading everything I can about gardening so I don’t kill these poor plants.

I started slow last year with flowers, herbs and a cucumber plant. I managed to grow butter lettuce and spinach from seed but I didn’t thin them in time and they ended up dying in the container. This year I took the time to sow individual seeds by themselves in an egg carton. I’m not sure how I feel about using an egg carton, but I’ll give it a chance!

Here is what I am planting this year! I might be overdoing it, but go big or go home right?


Fruits and Veggies

Butter Bowl Lettuce (from seed)
This is my second time growing this from seed, but I think now I have a better understanding how to grow it. I love butter lettuce because it has thick leaves perfect for wraps with a nice butter sweet flavor that you don’t get with romaine lettuce.

Cherry Tomato (seedling purchased from ACE Hardware Garden Center)
I got this little guy about four inches high. It’s still a baby but it’s thriving!


Unknown Tomato (from seed)

img_7542I took some tomato seeds from work. I’m not sure what kind of tomato they are, but they sprouted three days ago! The biggest baby seedling is about two inches and it’s so cute! As of right now, there are four seedlings. This should grow into a decent sized baseball type tomato! Whenever I get ripened tomatoes, hopefully someone can tell me what kind it is.

Sugar Snap Peas (from seed)
I LOVE SUGAR SNAP PEAS. I love eating them right off their vine. This is one thing my mom grew in her garden and I knew I had to grow it in mine. They are perfect in salads, or just by themselves as snacks! I love vine veggies and just how much they spread out!

Green Onion (from seed)
I got some green onions one night for a dish I was making and threw the bulb in some water and it grew! Now I have just this one and I clip some off the top whenever I feel like using green onion for some flavor.

Spinach (from seed)
Again, second year growing this. I still have seeds from my Big Ruffle Hybrid which produces big dark green leaves.

Danver Carrots (from seed)
I’ve never grown carrots before, and I didn’t know which one to start with. I decided to go with these because they seemed like “normal” carrots. Maybe next year I’ll get experimental with carrots!

Avocado (from seed)
I’m pretty sure everyone and their mom has had an avocado pit in their window in a glass of water. Add me to that list because I have two in mine. One of them has split and I’m hoping to see roots soon!

Lemon (from seed)
I got some lemon seeds at work, and I’m not sure these are even going to sprout, but it’s worth a try!

Apple (from seed)
Again, from seed. I currently have them in wrapped in damp paper towl waiting for them to sprout. The seeds came from a Fiji/Gala hybrid. I can’t wait until these (hopefully) sprout! I’d love to have some apples around.

Okra (from seed)
I haven’t planted these yet, I probably will in March. I’ve never had okra, or even knew what it was before I moved to Florida!



Cilantro (from seed)
Second year growing cilantro! I love cilantro and I literally cannot get enough of it.

Sweet Basil (seedling from ACE Hardware Garden Center)
A kitchen staple… I let my last plant flower and it died. Another lesson learned!



California Giant Zinnia (from seed)
I grew some of these last year, they are beautiful flowers and they range from pink, yellow, red, and orange. I haven’t planted this yet, but will in the beginning of March.

Velvet Queen Sunflower (from seed)
I thought this was a beautiful red sunflower. I am going to grow these on the outside of my fence to attract the bees to my garden! This one grows to be about 5 feet high, so it will be within my reach!

Dwarf Zinnias (from seed)
These also come in a bunch of colors. I haven’t grown these yet, but these are made for ground cover. Since I can’t plant actual ground cover, I am waiting for the perfect container for these babies.

Who doesn’t love the smell of lavender? I’m planting this to bring in bees, but also to dry for some home potpourri!

Marigold is wonderful in a garden as they bring in bees and keep pests away. And they are totally beautiful!

… still debating…

Cucumber (from seed)
I love cucmbers, but I am looking for the perfect trellis for this one. If I have to buy a seedling later, I totally will.

Picante Peppers (from seed)
I am not even sure if these will grow. We have roasted chopped peppers at work, and there are quite a few seeds in the mix. I harvested some knowing that they probably won’t grow since they’ve been roasted, but it’s worth a try, yes?

Cantaloupe (from seed)
I have cantaloupe seeds from work I harvested, but I am not sure I have the space for the whole plant! I also know they are very fickle, so I will probably wait until next year for this one. I have enough going on already!


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