Home and Garden

Let The Garden Begin!

Holy Guacamole you guys, work and colorguard is keeping me super busy. BUT it’s February in Florida! Can you guess what that means? Our four days of winter is over, and I can start gardening!

One of my many goals to to have an urban/on grid homestead. I don’t want to be miles out from town, but I want to be in a place where I have some land to garden to my hearts content, have chickens, a few dogs and cats, and still have room to build and spread. My wife and I aren’t quite there yet as we live in a townhome, but I can garden!

We have a small patio, but there is still plenty of room to grow my own veggies. I have several containers, and a fence I can grow things on with vertical gardens, and the use of my front patio and outside my back patio fence. I have cinderblocks to grow herbs into, and I have several windowsills to start seed and have herbs in. Lack of space is never an excuse!

I promised to document my garden journey and I want to share that with you!
Since I don’t want this post to be pages long, I’m going to break up some of the beginning topics into different posts. I’m going to tell you how I prepped my patio, what I’m growing, how I’m germinating the seeds, my struggles, my successes, and weekly garden updates on my wonderful plants! Stay tuned!IMG_7557.jpg



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