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How I Prepped My Patio Garden

I tried gardening last year, but I started too late, it got too hot for my young plants, and we had windy days I couldn’t hide my plants from. Lessons learned!

This passed fall Florida we had two hurricanes. My wife is super handy and she managed to tie down and cover everything on our patio and it all managed to stayed dry! Not going to lie, we kept it like that up until just a few days ago.

I took everything apart, threw away some stuff and cleaned other things. Under this pile of patio things included several planting containers of varying sizes, a bicycle, my outdoor garden storage container, tomato cages, all of our bench seat cushions, a pair of shoes, a cast iron skillet we forgot about, and once we found a cat! (This cat has since been rehomed). I wish I had taken a before picture!

Of the several planters, I only threw one away. All of the soil was still in good shape, although a few had weeds in them. There were also weeds in the cinder blocks I previously had some herbs in. I weeded all of these, soaked and mixed the soil and covered it in newspaper to kill whatever else living in the soil.

I have another stacked planter that has some zincas and fiber optic grass. I trimmed back the dead branches of the zincas, and the grass has begun to grow back! This is the third year the zincas have grown. I was surprised the grass began to grow again, but I’m not complaining! I love the way it hangs over the container when it’s mature. The grass is the only thing I’ve planted that doesn’t really have a purpose… it just looks cool!

The same day I did this, I sowed some seeds in an egg carton with some labels. I planted more seeds than I have containers for, and I still have some more seeds I need to plant! I can’t wait to get some greenery outside!

This is no where near pleasing to the eye. There is some rearranging and decorating to be done, but imagine all the planters full of veggies and flowers!


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