My Favorite Red Lipsticks 

If you know anything about me, you know I practically live in red lipstick. I love it because you can wear it with a full face, or no other makeup. Daytime or nighttime. It’s really versatile and there’s a shade for everyone. 

At the surface, red lipstick looks like red lipstick. You would laugh at how many I have. I look at red lipstick wherever I go and I usually hear my wife sighing in the back and muttering about how I already have 78 red lipsticks. (I don’t have that many, I think). But they are all different! Brand to band, different formulas, cool toned or warm toned, and how you prep it. Red lipstick itself is a whole world, and how are you supposed to know which one to get!?  Down below I wrote about my top 4 favorite red lipsticks that I wear with literally any occasion.

1. MAC – Ruby Woo 

I’ve done a whole post about this lipstick already, but it’s one of the few I keep in my makeup tote. It’s one of my favorite warm toned red.

2. MAC – Russian Red

Yes! There is a difference between Ruby Woo and Russian Red! The difference may be minute, but it’s there! Russian Red  is a cool blue based red instead of a warm red like Ruby Woo. It is the same retro matte formula, so make sure your lips are moisturized before you wear this all day.

3. Anastasia Beverly Hills – American Doll

I recently lost this lipstick, and I am incredibly sad. But this is by far my favorite red lipstick I’ve had ever. I wore it for my wedding. It doesn’t transfer, it stays put, it lasts all day and it is almost impossible to take off. If that’s what you want in a lipstick, this is for you. As far as the undertone, it’s also a blue based red and is a little brighter than Russian Red, but has amazing staying power.

4. Rimmel London – Lip Velvet in Burning Lava

This is my favorite drug store brand red lipstick. It’s literally half the price of the others on this list, so if  I’m not planning on wearing red all day, I’ll wear this one. It’s also matte, but it takes a bit to get there and is a tad slippery for a while. It will transfer, even if it’s dry. Other than that, it is a lovely color. 

Those are my favorite red lipsticks! Individually they look the same but they are totally different from each other. What are your favorite lipsticks?


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