Decorating for Christmas!


Thanksgiving is actually over, so it’s more socially acceptable to hang up the Christmas decorations! Now, if you’re the person who has Christmas up before Thanksgiving, I applaud you. It’s had to do more than holiday at once!

My wife and I had today off together, so we decided today was the day to start decorating. Although they are in my cupboard all year, I decided to pull out a very wintery mug this morning!

We haven’t decided whether or not we are going to put up our fake tree, or get a smaller real tree this year. Until we decide, I have this lovely candle that smells like a nice tree! It’s great to get the season started!



My wife is in charge of outdoor decor… and she knows this. I try to help her, but I’m more just in the way. I still hang out with her while she puts them up, so I can help when I can… and by help, I mean take pictures instead. She takes decorating very seriously. We won the Christmas Decorating Contest last year… so if that doesn’t show you how serious about it she is… then I don’t know what will!



We put colored net lights all over the bushes in front of our fence, weaved white twinkling lights in our fence and layed them up on top, and placed blue icicle lights up top as well!
We placed white lights around our front door, as well as two light up trees.

There is still much more decorating left, so once we are finished, you bet there will be pictures along the way!


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