Top 3 Favorite Summer Snacks

I can’t believe we are almost halfway through August already. Didn’t 2016 start just last week? It’s flown by and I’m not ready for this jelly for the holiday season to start! I just want to hold on to summer just a little bit longer.

If you’re human anything like me, you like snacks. Whether its quick and easy snacks, or snacks that take longer to prep than it does to eat… we love snacks. This time of year you will find them just about anywhere. BBQs, pool parties, Netflix parties, hanging out in the AC because it’s 100 degrees outside.Β  If you don’t know already, I am vegetarian, so I’m here to tell you my favorite vegetarian summer snacks!

Ice Cream

Okay, so I might have already mentioned ice cream in post Favorite Summer Act ivies, but lets be real, ice cream is amazing and is usually a vice we use to get through summer. It keeps us cool, its delicious, and there’s like a billion different flavors. My favorite? Ask me which brand first because I can’t pick just one favorite ice cream flavor. If you’re vegan, you can easily make “nice cream” with frozen bananas pureed together with pretty much anything you could ever want.

Watermelon (anything)

I am a sucker for watermelon, really, I am. I love watermelon anything. Dicing it up into cubes is the easiest/least messy if you don’t want to eat it right off the rind. My current favorite is blending it with some lemonade and ice. Lemonade is refreshing as it is, but adding watermelon? It adds that extra umph to that summer beverage

Watermelon is also great for fruit salads this time of year, or even for a cake! Yes, I said cake.


Yet another summer staple. Chances are you are going to be around a fire pit at some point this summer. What does everyone need at a fire pit? Marshmallows. What do marshmallows go great with? S’mores. But if you’re like me (fire pit-less) it might be a little bit more difficult to make them without a gigantic mess. I tried baking the marshmallows on top of chocolate… it did not turn out great. One thing I do want to try, is this recipe which puts all the delicious goodyness of a s’more inside a waffle cone which you bake in an oven. Win. I’ll try it and let you know how it goes!


What are your favorite summer snacks?


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