27 Lessons Before Turning 27



My birthday is coming up! My 27th birthday is on August 12th, and as much as I may be excited for it, I’m just aging up a year. It’s another year to learn some life lessons, lessons I can share with you! I honestly thought I was going to have a rough time putting this list together, but once I started, the lessons just started pouring out!

Life is a learning experience, and we can all learn from each other.

Here are 27 things I have learned before my 27th birthday!

  1. Work Hard, Play Hard – you will enjoy every day much more.
  2. Enjoy the little things – slow down and notice the little things. The breeze, the way way different people dot their “i”.
  3. Don’t say “no” to too many things – there have been movies about this, but if you say no to everything, you won’t experience anything.
  4. Be nice… – you don’t know what people are going through.
  5. … but stand your ground – don’t be a pushover.
  6. Write things down – You won’t remember to run that errand 3 weeks from now. Trust me.
  7. Cut out the Negativity – Negativity won’t get you anywhere.
  8. Create Positivity – But negativity is all around you. It’s up to you to create a positive atmosphere in a negative environment.
  9. Learn something new everyday – We have powerful brains, use that to your advantage. You may be able to teach someone else a fun fact of the day!
  10. Branch out on the food you eat – Doesn’t have to be extreme. If you have ham and cheese sandwiches every day, try turkey and cheese. If you’re a picky eater like me, try one thing at a time over a longer period.
  11. Tomatoes are actually really good – Okay this one is for just me… but as someone who used to hate them, I eat them quite regularly now and they add so much more to the dish!
  12. Pets make life fun – Whether its a cat, dog, fish, mouse, or a pet rock, pets make life more enjoyable.
  13. Go see that movie in theaters – We tell ourselves that we will wait until that movie comes out on DVD/Blu-ray… but its always SO MUCH BETTER in theaters!
  14. Don’t let people get to you – People as a whole do annoying things. If it’s a petty thing, like a smirk, or the fact they have Thanksgiving decor up in December, don’t let it bother you.
  15. There are going to be people who don’t like you – And that’s okay. Don’t try to get these people to like you, it’s not worth your time.
  16. Eat healthy – You will feel much better.
  17. But don’t pass up the junk food – Because that bag of Cheetos taste so good while binge watching Supernatural.
  18. Drink lots of water – Your body will constantly thank you.
  19. Collect something – Magnets, shot glasses, bottle caps, anything! You can look back on this collection and memories will flood the moment.
  20. Find a candle scent you love – It makes being at home just thismuch better.
  21. How you react is everything –Do you react negatively  to stressful situations? Do you take time to process the situation? How you act says tons about your personality.
  22. Set a day aside for some “you” time – We forget to set time aside for ourselves. We need time to recharge
  23. Have integrity –  Always do the right thing when no one is looking. You may not be noticed for it just once, but over a period of time it will reflect who you are.
  24. It’s better to have 3 really good friends than 15 decent acquaintances – The person who you’ve met four times won’t care if you’re stressed out about that presentation. Your best friend will.
  25. Stand up for what is right – Even if you’re shy like me. A shaky voice is better than silence.
  26. It’s okay if you don’t finish something, but not all the time – It’s okay if you didn’t finish that book, or that art piece. Just don’t make a habit of it.
  27. Do what makes you happy – Your life will be so much better.


What are some life lessons you have learned and want to share?


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