My Top 3 Favorite Summer Activities


August is here, and you know what that means? Summer! I know summer started way back in June, but it doesn’t feel like summer until the end of July and ALL of August. (Maybe it’s because my birthday is in August… but more on that later.) It’s hot and you want to get outside, so what is there to do? Plenty!

Here are my top 3 activities to do during those hot summer months!

Go Get Some Ice Cream   

I know it may be a bit obvious, but there’s nothing better than nice cold ice cream on a hot summers day. Whether it be McDonald’s soft serve or your local gelato shop, ice cream is a must for summer! 

Go To The Beach


When the wife and I got married two weeks ago we stayed at an Air B&B not too far away from the beach, so you can bet when we weren’t doing wedding things, we were at the beach. My favorite time of day to be at the beach during the summer is at night. There’s no crowds, the weather isn’t trying to melt your face off, and the stars are just beautiful. When you’re done with being at the *actual* beach there are tons of shops, restaurants, and bars to go to it’s like never running out of things to do!

Go The Scenic Route With The Windows Down

Everyone is so busy going from point A to point B that they don’t actually enjoy the drive there. Yes it may be 90 degrees outside but when you take the scenic route, windows down and the AC still on, it’s just THAT much more enjoyable. You tend to enjoy the trees, beaches, the nature that you’re driving past. It always puts me in a better mood.

What are a few of your favorite things to do in summer? What do you recommend people try for the first time during summer?


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