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December Recap!

Well, its that time again, where I recap the month of December! Now on my Youtube channel, I’ll be recapping my whole year as well as doing my December favorites. Both of those will be up in the next few days or so. Without further ado, here was my December in a nutshell!! (in no particular order) – I attempted and completely failed in my first Vlogmas. – my girlfriend and I went to my cousins ugly sweater party, and I brought some delicious enchiladas. – I completely organized my jewelry and makeup (if you want pictures of how I did that, let me know). – CHRISTMAS. – I became absolutely addicted to MAC lipsticks. – My laptop barely survived a two foot drop on tile. The hinge broke, and if I move to screen, it wants to fall apart. – My cousin had her baby!! He’s so adorable!!! – My family and I drove down to see the lights in St. Augustine. I wish I had gotten pictures… But I’m going back next week, so I’ll show you all pictures then! – I got the Keurig I’ve been dying for wanting, and an iPad mini! There were a few more things that happened, but this was the result of a ten minute brainstorm of events from the past month. Your turn!! What did you do in December?


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